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Following the last very successful "Carry-on-Coaching" day we have been asked to run another one in the autumn. Please contact us if you are interested or if you have topics we might discuss.

Myers-Briggs profiling

Myers-Briggs is one of several methods of personality profiling that have become very widely used in team building and leadership development. It is a diagnostic tool that quantifies personality types and allows people to recognise their thinking style and how they interact with others. However, by itself it means nothing; it can be just a label, so the important point is how you use it.

People need help in learning to work with others who think and behave differently, and in multi-skilled teams collaboration is the key to success. There is no wrong type - we are all different but people find it surprisingly difficult to understand that.

Walking with Leaders is qualified to administer the MBTI instrument, but more importantly we understand the complex issues surrounding the use of the tool. If you are considering a programme of board or team development using MBTI then we would be happy to talk to you about managing it for you.

Walking with Leaders can...

  • administer the MBTI instrument
  • address the interpersonal issues of personality profiling
  • help people understand what comes naturally and what does not
  • help people recognise other personality types...
  • ...and learn to understand and work with them
  • help your team to draw strength from their differences
  • help people make the best of their strengths...
  • ...and equally help people recognise and address their weaknesses

If you would like to talk to us about running an MBTI or more general board or team development programme then please contact us.

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